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Kathleen Sharpe sharpek at ucar.edu
Thu Apr 17 09:55:40 MDT 2008

Was there a response to Jim's inquiry? 

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Jim Menghi wrote:
> Hi Pat,
> Thank you for this opportunity.  As I understand the PC has approved 
> the addition of estimated costs for FY2009 to the Occupancy Cost Pool 
> and thereby adding .1% to the UOP On site indirect Rate proposed to NSF.
> Since these FY09 costs were based on historical costs and the 
> implementation plan suggests other changes to the future of 
> centralized computer rooms, do you have future annual cost estimates 
> for these centralized computer rooms?
> Given that the available space in the computer rooms at CG and FL is 
> limited and that all UOP and NCAR programs will be paying a portion of 
> the annual cost, how will the CFIC manage this limited resource?
> regards,
> Jim
> Pat Waukau wrote:
>> CFIC - Financial and Technical Points of Contact
>> The Computing Facilities Implementation Committee is moving forward
>> on revising the draft implementation document to incorporate the
>> modifications that have evolved over the last few months, which were
>> presented at our meeting with you on April 2.  Under guidance from the
>> President's Council we want to ensure that all affected groups are on
>> board with this plan.  As designated points of contact for one or more
>> groups, you were asked to convey information back to your management and
>> staff regarding this plan.  At this time we would like to hear back from
>> you regarding any questions or concerns that may have been raised by the
>> group(s) you represent, so that they can be addressed as we complete
>> the plan. We would also like confirmation that your group is on board
>> with the plan if there are not any specific issues. Responses should
>> be sent to either waukau at ucar.edu or cfic at ucar.edu by Friday, April 25.
>> If we do not receive a response, the CFIC will assume that the divisions
>> and programs that you represent concur with the plan.
>> We expect to make the final report available a week prior to the UMC 
>> presentation on May 8.
>> On behalf of the committee I would like to thank you for your efforts.
>> Pat

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