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Pat Waukau waukau at ucar.edu
Tue Apr 15 11:29:59 MDT 2008

CFIC Members:

Following is a draft of the email to go out to the financial and technical
points of contact.  I would appreciate comments back by this afternoon.

Thanks, Pat 

CFIC - Financial and Technical Points of Contact

The Computing Facilities Implementation Committee is moving forward
on revising the draft implementation document to incorporate the
modifications that have evolved over the last few months, which were
presented at our meeting with you on April 2.  Under guidance from the
President's Council we want to ensure that all affected groups are on
board with this plan.  As designated points of contact for one or more
groups, you were asked to convey information back to your management
and staff regarding this plan.  At this time we would like to hear back
from you regarding any questions or concerns that may have been raised
by the group(s) you represent, so that they can be addressed as we complete
the plan.  Comments can be sent to either waukau at ucar.edu or cfic at ucar.edu 
We would like confirmation that your group is on board with the
plan if there are not any issues.  If we do not receive a response
it will be assumed that you are in agreement.

We expect to make the final report available a week prior to the UMC 
presentation on May 8.

On behalf of the committee I would like to thank you for your efforts.


Pat Waukau   waukau at ucar.edu
Head, Systems Group
Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology Division
P. O. Box 3000 
Boulder, CO  80307
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(303) 497-8181 (FAX)

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