[CFIC] CFIC: Meeting Agenda

Pat Waukau waukau at ucar.edu
Mon Apr 14 07:53:07 MDT 2008

CFIC Committee Members:

This is a reminder that we are scheduled to meet this afternoon at 1:30
p.m.  in CG4, Room 2020.  It would be beneficial if everyone could give
the current version of the implementation plan a quick read so we can have
a productive discussion.  I've included a list of notes I've made while
reading it over the weekend.  In addition, I've outlined a scenario for
a phased transition process.  We are scheduled for a presentation to the
UMC on May 8, which means we will need an agressive schedule to get the
plan in its near final form and out to the UMC members, and financial
and technical points of contact prior to the meeting.

1. Discussion of Implemention Plan
   - Format 
   - Content 
2. Impacts of Cost Allocation change
3. Timeline/Assignment of responsibilities


Thoughts on plan in its current state:

Executive Summary:
- Include Advisory Committee in G&M
- Site studies
  - FL0-0110 should be included in the plan as it is an organizationally
    funded facility and will be in place at least until fully depreciated
- Changes to cost allocation recommendation
- Reference NCAR B&P and UOP in organizatonal processes
  - Identify mechanisms to get feedback from division strategic
    plans on server upgrade cycles/strategies
- Transition 
  - this needs work
  - spans all implementation components
- Conclustion 
  - Will need to be reworked based on other changes


2.1 Background
- Align with text in Executive Summary

2.3 Assessement of Opportunities and Risks
- Align this section to incorporate Benefits/Risks in recent presentations
- Rework cost allocation section to reflect current recommendation 

3 Implementation Components
3.1 Governance and Management
- Include network expertise in governance group
- Add text regarding Advisory Committee 
- Expectation that the governance, management, and advisory groups
  will be engaged once the final implementation plan has been approved.

- Incorporate Advisory Committte component
- Update timeline information


- Advisory committee section 

3.2 Organizational Processes
- Include how to get information form D&Ps regarding strategic plans
  as well as their server replacement cycle/strategies

3.3 Site Studies
- Revise to reflect current information
- Process for reduction/retention of existing facilities

3.4 Cost Allocation
- Revise to reflect current information
- What are the impacts of this decision

3.5 Transition
- Incorporate advisory committee role

Phase 1 - Plan Accepted
- Governance, Management, and Advisory Groups are created with 
  respective charters.
- Set up communication structure, wiki site, email aliases, updates to 
  organization, etc.
  - Identify primary/secondary contacts for each entity
- Evaluation of current collocation facilities (CG2, FL2-3095, FL0-0110)
  - Identify current occupants and meet with them to understand 
    their specific needs 
  - Obtain system specifications for equipment in collocation facilities
    from stakeholders.  Data to be included in CISL database
  - Determine resource availability for adding additional equipment
    into facilities
  - Provide information to Governance group

Phase 2 - Development of policies, procedures, guidelines
  - Management Group and Advisory Committee begin collaboration on 
    the development of policies, procedures, standards, etc. 
    Start with existing CISL policies, etc.  and modify as needed.
    - Given the limited amount of space available until a larger
      collocation facility is created, there should be guidelines 
      on determining who moves in to existing space
  - Organizational Processes group formed to formalize processes
    for acquiring information from D&Ps about planned acquisitions
  - Management/Advisory Groups and Organizational Processes Group
    submit recommendations to Governance group

Phase 3 - Training
  - Provide training to D&Ps regarding the standards, policies, procedures
    for use of collocation facilities
  - Divisions and programs should start planning appropriately to 
    adjust to the standards, policies,  and procedures of the collocation

Phase 4 - Planning for new facility
  - Form project team
  - Begin the design process for facility
  - Provide regular updates to PC/UMC, governance, management, stakeholders
  - Management group develops move processes 
    - Information should go out to entities 3-6 months prior to projected
      facility completion date
  - Facility completion

Phase 5 - Move in 
  - Management group responsible for the scheduling of moves to 
    the new facility

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