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Pat Waukau waukau at ucar.edu
Fri Sep 21 12:27:11 MDT 2007


Thanks for stepping in.  A couple of questions.   I did have some
comments on the various drafts.  Were people asked to provide feedback
on the reports prior to the next meeting so that updates could be made
prior to the meeting?   I think it would be a good idea to have Mohan
and Marla take a look at the reports.  I'm assuming this is after next
Wednesday's meeting.  We should probably contact them ahead of time to
see if they could fit it into their schedule, as I think we would we
want to have their comments back before our meeting on October 9?


On Fri, Sep 21, 2007 at 07:35:01AM -0600, Marion Hammond wrote:
> Because of the excitement yesterday, we only had a few people show up 
> for the meeting. We didn't accomplish as much as was hoped. Tammy will 
> reschedule lunch meeting for next week to do some editing and word 
> smithing. We thought it might be helpful to have someone outside the 
> group read the draft and see if we are still properly focused on our 
> goals. Suggestions were Mohan and Marla. Think about this, read through 
> everyone's work and come to the meeting ready to participate. Marion.
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