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Fri Oct 26 11:34:06 MDT 2007


I just came across the TCO spreadsheet that may help with the
first bullet. At first glance it looks daunting, but I think
between us all we could complete a TCO sheet per room based on
data already collected by Dave and others.

Also, because we are already working on our FY09 budgets Amy Moore
and I are drafting a first cut at a management budget.


Pat Waukau wrote:
> CFIC Committee:
> The presentation to the President's Council went very well.  There was
> good discussion on all of the recommendations.  The PC supports the 
> recommendations that were made and continue to be fully committed to this
> strategic direction.  There are a couple of items we need to specifically 
> address as we move forward.
> - Provide the financial information not just for the implementation, but
>   also comparisons of what existing facilities are currently costing,
>   along with what the costs would be to the organization to continue 
>   the ad hoc approach to expanding current computer rooms.
> - Communicate information to the organization routinely throughout the
>   entire process.  The initial recommendation from the PC is to include
>   regular updates to the UMC on a quarterly basis starting in January.  
>   However, there are many other mechanisms that can be used to get the 
>   information out to the organization as this process moves forward.
> Thanks to everyone for your efforts in getting us to this point.  
> Pat

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