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Terri Betancourt terrib at ucar.edu
Thu Oct 18 11:46:38 MDT 2007

Hi Pat,

One slight mod to the timeline on the wiki: the org. process group is
initiating discussions with F&A and contracts groups this month ‹ we have
meeting times established, so the 1/2008 date can be moved up to 10/2007.
This will allow the G&M group to begin reviewing the processes in January,
as the timeline indicates.

- Terri b.

On 10/18/07 8:29 AM, "Pat Waukau" <waukau at ucar.edu> wrote:

> CFIC Members:
> I gave it my best shot trying to construct a visual timeline using various
> tools.  There is just too much information to include on one slide.  Instead
> I backed off and added more detail into the wiki timeline, and plan to
> connect to that sight at the end of the presentation.  Be sure to
> look at it and provide me with additions, corrections, etc.
> Should anyone have someone in their group who is a whiz at creating these
> types of diagrams who would be willing to create a graphic I could use
> in the presentation, that would work as well.
> Pat
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