[CFIC] CFIC PC Presentation

Aaron Andersen aaron at ucar.edu
Wed Oct 17 14:50:25 MDT 2007


I took a quick pass through this. I cut out the items that I thought
were either minor or non-items. (i.e. if there was no budget impact
I just took it out.)

It cut this down some. If you really want to pair it down it may
have more impact if you just use the scope and the recomendations.
Have the backup material for questions and talking points but not
necessarily on the slides.


Pat Waukau wrote:
> CFIC Committee:
> I've posted the draft presentation for the President's Council on the 
> wiki.  It's in the Attachments on the main page.  I apologize for the 
> delay in getting this out, as I will need your input no later than 
> noon on Thursday.  It probably needs to be stripped down a bit more, so
> along with editorial comments also provide thoughts on items that can
> be removed.  I am still working on a timeline diagram.
> Thanks, Pat 

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