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Marion Hammond mhammond at ucar.edu
Fri Oct 12 12:48:21 MDT 2007

I don't think it's necessary. We have experience doing many IT moves as 
does Kerry's group. We can always look at it again, but we are really 
talking about a limited time period. We can easily work this out between 
interested parties. My opinion only. MH

David Patterson wrote:
> I have been reviewing docs and would like to ask, "do we want to add a 
> Transition Project Manager to the writings?"
> It seems the job to move folks from their existing space to the new 
> collocation facility is a big, full time job.  It should be an IT type 
> with experience in big moves.  If the CISL Room Manager is qualified and 
> can allocate 100% of their time to the task then there is no problem 
> with the documents as written.  It just seems to me that a Room Manager 
> would be more effective worrying about room activities and letting a 
> move coordinator worry about logistics.
> I have emailed Aaron to get his opinion but no feedback as of now.  I 
> would like to send you my comments on the Transition Plan and Governance 
> & Management Plan but several changes concern seperating 
> responsibilities of the room manager and a Transition PM.
> Opinions?
> DP
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