[CFIC] CFIC: Revised Exec. Summary

Pat Waukau waukau at ucar.edu
Thu Oct 11 16:13:20 MDT 2007

The revised version of the Executive Summary has been posted on the wiki.
In addition to some editorial changes the following changes have been made.

- Revised initial paragraph incorporating Dave and Marion's comments
- Added a subtopic heading Risks and changed the sentence prior to the bullets
  per Dave's suggestion.
  - changed last bullet based on a few comments.
- Regarding incentives (for transition), these were discussed in the 
  September 26 meeting near the end of the meeting.  These were related to
  incentives that would encourage divisions to move sooner rather than 
  later.  They will be included in the final transition plan.  
- Modified the final bullet/sub bullets under Cost Allocation removing the
  the transition related components.  I agree they should be separate.
- Added a bullet regarding the need for interim space prior to final build 
  out of collocation facility.  Marion - let me know if this is OK with you.
- Regarding the decommisioning/repurposing of vacated space, I believe we
  should address it in the transition section; however, it could be a hand off
  as Dave mentions.  We'll need to discuss more.

I would appreciate it if a couple of people besides myself would take time to
give it one final read before I send it off to the President's Council.  I
had a lot of interruptions while I was trying to incorporate all of the 

Thanks for all your input.


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