[CFIC] CFIC: Next Steps

Pat Waukau waukau at ucar.edu
Tue Oct 9 16:05:30 MDT 2007


Just to review what we discussed at the CFIC meeting today.

- For the most part the plans had not been updated since our last 
  meeting.  If individuals have marked up copies of the plans send them to the 
  lead for the specific working group so information can be incorporated
  into their plan.

Implementation Plans

- As they stand they identify the various components of the implementation; 
  however there needs to be more specific detail (who, what, when, where, etc.)
  If you were given your plan today, and told to implement it, what 
  additional information would you need to effectively carry it out?  
- Include budget projections

- Meet with the stakeholders you have identified in your plans and get 
  their feedback for input to the final plan.

Executive Summary

It was agreed to keep the Scope and Recommendations portions of each 
implementation plan.  The requirements will be removed.  In addition,
I will draft a Conclusion and get it out to the committee, with comments
due back to me by Thursday.  Summary will be sent to President's Council
on Friday morning.

The next meeting is scheduled for November 8, at 1:30 on the Mesa Lab
in the Director's Conference Room.  Near final drafts should be ready 
at this time, so that the final document can be compiled in time for
the PC meeting on November 16.  Post your plans to the wiki when they 
are ready, preferably no later than November 6.  

Thanks, Pat

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