[CFIC] CFIC Implementation Plans

Pat Waukau waukau at ucar.edu
Wed Oct 3 08:07:51 MDT 2007


Thanks to everyone for the progress we have made so far on the 
implementation plans.  I've posted the revised Cost Allocation plan on 
the wiki.  One general request, is to include pros/cons for the 
recommendation and alternatives portion of the plans, if they don't 
currently exist.  This information will be useful for the PC 
presentation on 10/19.

In preparation for our meeting on October 9, I propose that everyone 
take time to read the documents, and bring marked up copies so we can 
more efficiently get through these documents.  Some things to consider 
while reading the documents.

- Identify where more detail or clarification is needed.
- Identify information that is outside the scope of the specific 
implementation plan, and should be included in an alternate plan
- Identify specific cost information that will need to be included and 
the source of that information.

Looking at next steps, now is the time to start thinking about engaging 
the relevant stakeholders for your plan.  Looking at the timeline, this 
process should occur in the
late October (after PC meeting) and early November.

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