[CFIC] CFIC Documents

Pat Waukau waukau at ucar.edu
Mon Oct 1 14:49:00 MDT 2007

CFIC Committee:

I have posted the updated CFIC documents as Attachments within the
appropriate working group page, with the exception of the Cost Allocation
piece, which I'm working on.  Please review all of these documents and
revise as needed any additions, changes, etc. within your working groups
and/or email the committee regarding suggestions for general changes,
questions, etc.  Have revised documents posted EOB on Monday, October 8.
I will be working on an Executive Summary, and hope to have a version out
by Friday, October 5, so that it can be reviewed at the October 9 meeting.

I have requested to be on the agenda for the President's Council on 
Friday, October 19.  I informed Susan that I would submit an Executive
Summary prior to the meeting, which she requested be provided to her by
Friday, October 12.  

Thanks, Pat

Pat Waukau   waukau at ucar.edu
Head, Systems Group
Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology Division
P. O. Box 3000 
Boulder, CO  80307
(303) 497-8906 (Office)
(303) 497-8181 (FAX)

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