[CFIC] CFIC Meeting

Pat Waukau waukau at ucar.edu
Fri Nov 16 07:57:57 MST 2007

CFIC Members:

I have scheduled a meeting for Thursday, December 6, at 3:00 p.m. in 
FL3-1003.  Everyone had the time slot open.  Aaron it looks like you 
have a meeting that goes up to 3:00, but it was as close as I could get
to having everyone present.  On the main CFIC wiki page I've created a 
draft outline for the final plan.  My logic was to pull out certain
components of the existing plans and summarize them in their own section,
bringing Opportunities/Risks to the front of the document.  With 
detailed information on Communications, Finances, and Timelines at the
end.  Each component will still have its own section with the remaining
information as indicated.  In addition, I've been working on a list of 
the financial information that should be included in the Finances.  This
is also on the main wiki page.  Please look at both of these and provide
feedback on suggested changes to the entire committee.  

Just a reminder the deadline for having existing plans completed is
November 30.  Include as much detail as possible.  I will plan to
consolidate the individual plans into a single document using the
modified outline mentioned above prior to the December 6 meeting.
I've added Lance to the Governance and Management group so include him
on updates you make to that plan.  I'm not currently planning on 
scheduling a meeting for the working group itself.

Thanks, Pat 

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