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Pat Waukau waukau at ucar.edu
Mon May 14 16:41:48 MDT 2007

CFIC Committee Members:

I've set up some preliminary, basic structure for the CFIC wiki site. 
Look under the main page and also the Governance and Management 
working group.  Before others start adding to the wiki, let's discuss
via email  what you do and do not like and what additional topic areas 
should be added. Also, Jim mentioned that there were some questions on 
direction from the subgroups.  I have not yet created a location on the wiki.
Was not sure if it would be easier to discuss these via email or the wiki.
For now I would suggest communicating these questionsvia email, and we can i
determine how we want to address them going forward.

In my conversation with Jim, he indicated that some of the subgroups
had already met prior to the meeting.  I'm currently a member of all
but one group, and I've only been to one meeting, the Governance and
Management meeting that I scheduled.   I propose the following:

- All committee meetings be scheduled through Meeting Maker
- The meeting title should indicate which group the meeting is for.
  Suggested titles.

  CFIC      - Full commiittee meeting
  CFIC-gov  - Governance and Management
  CFIC-org  - Organizational Processes
  CFIC-site - Preliminary site studies
  CFIC-cost - Cost Allocation Methodology
  CFIC-tran - Transition
  CFIC-comm - Communication Plan

Thanks, Pat 
Pat Waukau   waukau at ucar.edu
Head, Systems Group
Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology Division
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