[CFIC] CFIC Meeting

Mike Schmidt mschmidt at unidata.ucar.edu
Mon May 14 12:31:32 MDT 2007

I don't wish to propose artificially limiting the times the group can
convene, but in general, early meetings (pre 10AM) and Mondays in
particular can be tough for systems staff trying to recover from
overnight and overweekend events.

Would avoiding those first few hours of the day cause anyone else too
much of an issue?


On May 14, 10:59am, Pat Waukau wrote:
> Subject: [CFIC] CFIC Meeting
> My very sincere apologies to those who attended the scheduled CFIC
> meeting this morning.  I was faced with a couple hardware crises, and
> hadn't checked my calendar for the week.  I caught Jim when I called the
> the meeting room and he summarized the discussion.  Items to be
> addresssed.
> - General direction questions from subgroups
> - Structure for subgroup wiki pages
>   - Notes from subgroup meetings who have had a chance to meet
> I'm having some problems logging in to the wiki site.  I'll try to
> set up a draft structure for the committee and subgroups for comment
> later this afternoon.
> Tammy: Could you schedule a new meeting for the CFIC?  I will be out
> of the office May 18 through May 24.  Anytime after that would work
> for me.
> Again I apology for missing the meeting.
> Pat

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