[CFIC] CFIC Meeting

Pat Waukau waukau at ucar.edu
Mon May 14 10:59:14 MDT 2007

My very sincere apologies to those who attended the scheduled CFIC 
meeting this morning.  I was faced with a couple hardware crises, and
hadn't checked my calendar for the week.  I caught Jim when I called the
the meeting room and he summarized the discussion.  Items to be 

- General direction questions from subgroups
- Structure for subgroup wiki pages 
  - Notes from subgroup meetings who have had a chance to meet

I'm having some problems logging in to the wiki site.  I'll try to 
set up a draft structure for the committee and subgroups for comment 
later this afternoon.  

Tammy: Could you schedule a new meeting for the CFIC?  I will be out
of the office May 18 through May 24.  Anytime after that would work 
for me.

Again I apology for missing the meeting.


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