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Pat Waukau waukau at ucar.edu
Thu Dec 20 15:11:50 MST 2007

CFIC Members:

Following is a proposed  action plan for completing the necessary tasks
required to produce the final Collocation Facilities Implementation Plan
and send it to the President's Council the week of March 11, so they
have time to review prior to their March 20, 2008 meeting.   All of this is 
up for discussion.  Please provide me your feedback and I will incorporate.
Please copy the entire committee on your responses cfic at ucar.edu

December 2007 - January 18, 2008

Each of the working groups should schedule time over the next month
as needed to discuss their portion of the draft implementation plan,
identify additional information needed, and draft a revised version of
their component to be discussed at a full committee meeting January 24,
2:00 p.m., CG4-202i0.   I've identified items that come to mind that should
be discussed and incorporated into the existing plan; however, I encourage
everyone to contribute additional topics that should be addressed 
within any working group.

- Provide more detail on how the governance group would work within the
  ITC structure
- Review responsibilities of governance group
- Review requirements of management group 
  - separate staffing issues from roles and responsibilities
- Outline the implementation steps as they would progress from 
  taking over existing collocation facilities, planning for new 
  collocation facilities, transition from existing rooms to new 
  facilities, and long-term management of facilities
- Clearly define relationship between the governance and management

Organizational Processes
- As these processes are necessary for the organization even in our current
  environment, I propose that the group continue discussions with the 
  identified individuals and incorporate process information into the 
  implementation plan.

Site Studies
- Review and discuss the Computer Room Concept Study
- Prepare financial data
  - What has been spent on computer rooms over last 5 years?
  - What is the cost of going to Tier 2 or less than Tier 2?
  - What are costs associated with keeping buildings running fully on to keep 
    inadequately configured computer rooms on line?
  - What are costs to replace electrical system?
  - What are the costs to upgrade/replace existing chiller, air handlers,
    and PDUs to accommodate growth to existing computer rooms?
    - Which of these costs would be incurred for normal building maintenance?
  - What are the costs to correct structural problems for existing rooms?
- Identify current needs/plans for existing divisional rooms on a case by
  case basis.

Cost Allocation
  - Work with Justin on cost model
    - Develop ML and CG3 scenarios
      - Use estimates of current utility costs for existing computer rooms.
      - Use current div/prog space usage for calculations
      - Have Finance provide 10-year dep/int costs
      - Use construction cost estimates provided by consultants
      - Include remaining dep/int on CISL infrastructure (i.e. generators, etc.)
      - Include costs for annual infrastructure maintenance (Aaron)
    - Provide cost projections for individual entities
  - For informational purposes we will need specific information on options for 
    groups to incorporate costs into their budgets.
    - Inclusion of costs in proposal process
    - Direct vs indirect
    - CSC
    - When does overhead apply
  - Where do Management Group costs reside (Communications Pool)?
  - How will divisions/programs be informed about how to effectively
    incorporate costs into budgets?

- Transition
  - How will designated point-of-contacts in each entity be determined
  - Who will be responsible for what costs
  - Who will coordinate transportation of equipment
  - How will input from system administrators and divison administrators be 
    - special requirements
    - facility design
    - cost allocation
    - policies/procedures
  - Who/How/When will the necessary groups/individuals be notified when 
    a room has been vacated.

Plan Development - Pat/Lance
  - Lance will provide feedback on draft plan.
  - Consider restructuring of document - more directed 

- Rework of Implementation Plan
- Revised plan back to committee members 

- Comments back from committee members
- Update plan

- Revised draft plan out to targeted individuals
- Comments back to committee 3/1/2008

- Incorporate comments from individuals
- Final report out to committee

MARCH 6 - CFIC Committee Meeting, 2:30 p.m., FL3-1003

- Report to President's Council

MARCH 20, President's Council Meeting

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