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James Van Dyke vandyke at ucar.edu
Tue Dec 11 10:19:38 MST 2007

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I also like the draft announcement and would lock down the date to
March. In the meantime we need a task force to hammer out these missing
items and have independent review of the plan. When we finally give the
document to the PC is should be as tight as we can make it.


Aaron Andersen wrote:
> Pat,
> I agree that this is likely to be contentious enough we really
> need to get the costs better quantified and be able to explain
> it succinctly. With all of our delays at NSF on the wyoming project
> this seems sane to me.
> I like the draft announcement.
> -Aaron
> Pat Waukau wrote:
>> CFIC Members:
>> After yesterday's unexpected, but very necessary discussion, it 
>> became clear that we have some work ahead of us in order to produce 
>> a cohesive and complete document.   To that end I believe it would
>> be appropriate to send a message to the President's Council with 
>> a status update and revised timeline.  Following is a first draft 
>> of that update.  Please send me your comments.  I would like to send
>> it out early next week.
>> That said I have concerns that with the extension to complete the 
>> document that committee tasks will be put on the back burner until we 
>> approach another deadline.  I open to suggestions on how we can keep
>> things moving forward. 
>> I've incorporated cost items from Marion's email in the Financial 
>> Information document on the main page of the twiki.  I've added another
>> document Additional Information needed on the same page.  Add items
>> to either as they occur to you.  
>> Thanks, Pat 
>> *********
>> President's Council Members:
>> Following a recent review of the draft Collocation Facilities
>> Implemention Plan, it became clear that we were missing critical
>> financial and technical information that would produce a more cohesive and
>> complete document.  In addition, due to recent changes in our proposed
>> infrastructure buildout, and competing project deadlines encountered by
>> the external consulting firm that is preparing the site feasibility study,
>> that report will be unavailable until later this month.
>> In order to effectively gather and incorporate the necessary financial
>> and technical information required with the personnel resources available
>> and collectively review the site feasibilty study, the committee will
>> need additional time to produce the final report, with the expectation
>> of delivering the final report in the February/March 2008 timeframe.
>> If the President's Council approves this extension, it is possible
>> that the final report will not be available for review prior to budget
>> discussions for FY09.  Should that be the case the committee requests
>> that a placeholder be included in the budget for a collocation facility
>> manager position in the FY09 budget. If in its final review, the
>> President's Council chooses not to move forward with the Collocations
>> Facilities Implementation Plan the position could be removed from the budget.
>> Should the President's Council wish to discuss this further, please feel free
>> to contact me.
>> Thanks, Pat
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