[CFIC] missing from the report

Marion Hammond mhammond at ucar.edu
Fri Dec 7 08:26:58 MST 2007

Things that need more info:
Governance and management: more specific plans on how to implement and 
who is responsible?
Background costs:
How much do we spend cooling buildings, etc after hours to support 
computer rooms?
What are our suppositions about what we are accomplishing?
How long before we run out of power/cooling at each campus?
What is the cost to upgrade at that point?
How much would be done as part of maintenance replacement of end of life 
What kind of costs would be passed on to users?
Do we need 24 hour support?
Trends on computer purchases and rooms in last five years.
What are levels of service available at each campus computer room?

I'm sure there's lots more. Marion

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