[CFIC] Preliminary draft CFIC Plan

Pat Waukau waukau at ucar.edu
Tue Dec 4 12:06:06 MST 2007

CFIC Members:

I've completed the merge of the CFIC implementation documents and have
posted it to the wiki site under the attachments section of the main page.
I've done some rearranging, rewording, etc. to try to tie things together, 
and done preliminary work on sections like the Communications Plan.
That said this is pretty 'raw', and I am sure all the points we want to 
make have not been included as yet.  It is important that all of you take the
time to read through this BEFORE!!! Thursday's meeting.  Either mark up a 
paper copy or track changes in word so I can consolidate and incorporate
comments into the next iteration.   Most importantly please identify the
missing components that need to be incorporated, and preferably include 
suggested text.  

I have not made any changes to the Site Studies portion as Marion informed
me she would not be getting the final report from the consultants until
the week of December 10th.

We'll discuss the document and next steps at our meeting on Thursday, 
December 6, FL3-1003, 3:00 p.m.

Thanks, Pat 

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