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Terri Betancourt terrib at ucar.edu
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I am in favor of postponing until Aug. 23rd.  Although the wiki does not
reflect it, the ³organizational process² sub-group (Jim and I) met last week
and will be updating the wiki with an outline and time line for our
contribution to the report.

- Terri b.

On 8/2/07 1:15 PM, "Pat Waukau" <waukau at ucar.edu> wrote:

> CFIC Members:
> In looking at the calendar for July, it appears that none of the CFIC
> subgroups have met since our last meeting, with the exception of the
> Organizational Processes group.  The Transition and Governance/Management
> groups have meetings scheduled for next week.  I am proposing that we
> cancel the meeting tomorrow, Friday, August 3.  I have found a slot on
> Thursday, August 23, at 3:00 p.m. to reschedule the full committee meeting
> with the hope that the other subgroups will be able to meet in that
> timeframe. 
> If there are no objections to the meeting change, I request that each
> group address the following prior to the next meeting.
> - Review the timeline we created at the 7/10/2007 meeting and note any
>   additions or modifications that relate to your sub group.
>   https://wiki.ucar.edu/display/CFIC/Project+Time+Line
> - Review the plan outline.  Again noting additions or modifications, and
>   start to identify topics you will be including in your portion of
>   the document.  I would suggest moving a copy of the plan into your section
>   of the wiki.
>   https://wiki.ucar.edu/display/CFIC/Plan+Outline
> - Determine which group(s) of stakeholders (Administrators, Management,
>   System Administrators, etc.) that your group would like to engage for
>   further input.  Identify at what point on the timeline this would be
>   appropriate.  Also, specify if a survey, focus group, or other mechanism
>   would best meet your needs.
> Thanks, Pat
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