[CFIC] CFIC: Proposed meeting change

Pat Waukau waukau at ucar.edu
Thu Aug 2 13:15:53 MDT 2007

CFIC Members:

In looking at the calendar for July, it appears that none of the CFIC
subgroups have met since our last meeting, with the exception of the
Organizational Processes group.  The Transition and Governance/Management
groups have meetings scheduled for next week.  I am proposing that we 
cancel the meeting tomorrow, Friday, August 3.  I have found a slot on 
Thursday, August 23, at 3:00 p.m. to reschedule the full committee meeting 
with the hope that the other subgroups will be able to meet in that 

If there are no objections to the meeting change, I request that each
group address the following prior to the next meeting.

- Review the timeline we created at the 7/10/2007 meeting and note any
  additions or modifications that relate to your sub group.


- Review the plan outline.  Again noting additions or modifications, and
  start to identify topics you will be including in your portion of
  the document.  I would suggest moving a copy of the plan into your section 
  of the wiki.


- Determine which group(s) of stakeholders (Administrators, Management, 
  System Administrators, etc.) that your group would like to engage for 
  further input.  Identify at what point on the timeline this would be 
  appropriate.  Also, specify if a survey, focus group, or other mechanism
  would best meet your needs.   

Thanks, Pat 

Pat Waukau   waukau at ucar.edu
Head, Systems Group
Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology Division
P. O. Box 3000 
Boulder, CO  80307
(303) 497-8906 (Office)
(303) 497-8181 (FAX)

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