[CFIC] CFIC Update

Pat Waukau waukau at ucar.edu
Wed Apr 25 08:31:45 MDT 2007

CFIC Members:

The next meeting of the CFIC will be Monday, May 14, at 9:30 in CG4-2020.
A mailman list, cfic at ucar.edu has been created for the committee.  In addition,
I've set up the preliminary wiki site for the committee.  You can access
the site at http://wiki.ucar.edu.  Log in (top right corner) with your 
login name and UCAS password.    You will see the link to the CFIC site
on the left hand side.  Under the Working Groups link you will see a link
to each of our subgroups.  Each group will be responsible for maintaining
their group pages under this structure.  At our next meeting we should 
discuss a common structure across these pages. 

I personnally have been overcommitted both at work and home, and
it appears the majority of subgroups have not met since our initial meeting.
I encourage the leads to schedule at least one meeting prior to the May 14
meeting, so we can discuss any questions, issues, etc. that may come up 
in your preliminary discussions at our meeting on May 14. 

Thanks, Pat

Pat Waukau   waukau at ucar.edu
Head, Systems Group
Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology Division
P. O. Box 3000 
Boulder, CO  80307
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