[CESElist] Great new website with real-time ocean science happening out at sea

Jennifer Collins jcollins at oceanleadership.org
Mon Jun 1 13:27:32 MDT 2009

Hi - Could you please post the following announcement to your list-serve, or
let me know the best way to do so.


If you teach Earth science, ocean science, the sedimentary record,
tectonics, extreme science or climate change - or biology, chemistry or
physics - or nature and process of science, then YOU need the JR.

The 470-foot JOIDES Resolution (JR) is one of the  most important and
largest earth and ocean science research vessels in the world. The JR is run
by the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program and the core samples and data that
its scientists and crew bring up from the seafloor hold exciting and
significant clues to Earth's history, climatic changes, geologic events, and
much more.

NOW you and your students can get involved in this dynamic research through
www.joidesresolution.org. On this interactive new site, you can ask real
scientists questions, track the ship's location, explore daily ship blogs,
watch up-to-the-minute real time videos (be sure to check out PNN News on
the home page!) and take advantage of other real time resources. Become a
friend of the JR on Facebook, follow it on Twitter, and explore teaching
activities for young children through college - including suggestions for
how to use the website and real data from the ship. We also offer free
posters, inflatable JR tracking globes, and other classroom materials. Check
it out and pass it along!

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