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Tue Mar 6 11:41:25 MST 2007

Hello Everyone,
Hope your travels went well. In this morning's NSTA Express there are 
two topics of interest - particularly for the House testimony coming up.

First, NSTA has a position statement on lab science: "The Integral Role 
of Laboratory Investigations in Science Instruction" : 
It is discipline neutral and describes what a good lab experience is and 
a little on why students need these experiences.

Also, NSTA is developing 'anchor concepts' to help identify a smaller 
set of core science concepts for students to learn. More information is 
provided in Education Week: 

The most recent NSTA Express is: 

And finally, I've posted a few moon shots from the end of the lunar 
eclipse on Saturday evening. It was a beautiful grisp night: 

Looking forward to working you with all in the future!

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