[CESElist] IGC symposium on geosci ed for the 21st century

Robert M. Ross rmr16 at cornell.edu
Thu Dec 20 13:03:26 MST 2007

CESE folks, this meeting would be a great opportunity to contribute to the 
sorts of discussion that CESE is all about, but at an international scale. 
(Plus, you get to go to Norway to do it!)

Happy holidays,


IGEO-IUGS Sponsored Symposium at IGC (*acronyms explained below):

IGEO-IUGS is hosting a symposium at the 33rd International Geological 
Congress, which will be held in Oslo, Norway from August 6th -14th, 2008.

The symposium (IEE-05) "Geoscience education for the 21st century," will be 
convened by Ian Clark, Chan-Jong Kim, and Chris King (IUGS Commission on 
Geoscience Education, Training & Technological Transfer)

The symposium will be broken into three themes:
         1) Undergraduate Geoscience Education
         2) School Geoscience Education; and
         3) Informal Geoscience Education (museums, parks, etc.)
Each theme will be linked by the questions "what is relevant for the 21st 
century?" and "is Earth System Science the most appropriate approach?" The 
aim of the symposium will be to canvas a wide audience on these topics and 
to promote geoscience education worldwide.

Please consider making a presentation.  The deadline for abstracts is 
February 1, 2008

For more information about the congress go to the IGC website at 

-- The IGEO is the International Geoscience Education Organization 
-- The IUGS is the International Union of Geological Societies 
(http://www.iugs.org/), which has a Commission for Geoscience Education, 
Training & Technology Transfer (COGE) 
-- About the International Geological Congress, from the 33rd IGC website: 
"The International Geological Congress is a nonprofit scientific and 
educational organization whose meetings are held in collaboration with, and 
under sponsorship of, the International Union of Geological Sciences 
(IUGS). The IUGS holds its General Assemblies in conjunction with Sessions 
of the IGC. The main purpose of the Congress is to encourage the 
advancement of fundamental and applied research in the earth sciences 
-- IEE-05 is a symposium code 

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