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Eldridge Moores moores at geology.ucdavis.edu
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Dear Paula et al.,

Yes, it is true that there is a problem with the UC system and its  
acceptance of Earth and Space Sciences as a laboratory science for  
admission.  I've been working on this issue for about 3 years, and  
it's making slow progress.  For your information, here is a version  
of the the "talking points" I have sent to various UC Academic Senate  
committees.  In the UC system, it is the faculty, acting through the  
Academic Senate, which makes the decisions about admissions  
requirements.  And the UC system is the basic "carburetor" for the  
entire State of California.  To change the system in California, one  
has to change the opinions of the UC faculty.  If you know of any,  
please let them know!

Best regards,

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