[CESElist] ES Education Advocacy Document Collection

Edward Robeck ecrobeck at salisbury.edu
Mon Apr 9 12:16:28 MDT 2007

Hello CESElist Members:

The American Geological Institute is constructing a "one-stop shopping"
website for Earth system science education advocacy. This will be a
place that individuals can go to find electronic copies of and/or links
to documents that help build the case for Earth system science
education. Please help us to build this resource by submitting
suggestions for documents that should be included. The submissions can
be sent to Dr. Ann Benbow, AGI Director of Education and Outreach,
aeb at agiweb.org.

Along with the title of the document and the url where a copy can be
accessed, it will be important to include a few lines of annotation
about the relevance of the document to Earth system science education
would also help users understand how it can be helpful.  Many documents
have a summary or abstract that can be used to generate the annotation. 
Of course, it will certainly be best if the authoring agency provides
the annotation as they can then see that the most salient points are

A sample of what might be sent to Ann is below:

Document Title: Making a Broader Impact: Geoscience Education, Public
Outreach and Criterion 2

Annotation: This is a report summarizing the discussion and outcomes of
a workshop addressing education and public outreach (EPO) projects in
the geoscience community. The meeting was organized by the University of
California Museum of Paleontology (UCMP) and the Digital Library for
Earth System Education (DLESE) and conducted on the UC Berkeley campus,
May 11-13, 2005. 

The report is made available through the Geoscience Education and Public
Outreach Network (GEPON) (http://gepon.org/).

URL: http://gepon.org/GOW_fullcolor_comp.pdf

Thanks for your help in creating a website that will be useful to
everyone in the geosciences education community.

Best wishes,

Ed R.

Dr. Edward C. Robeck
American Geological Institute and
Science Education Faculty Member
Department of Education
Salisbury University

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