CEDAR email: IUGG Symposium JP01 - Tides of the Oceans, Atmosphere, Solid Earth, Lakes and Planets

Jeffrey M Forbes forbes at colorado.edu
Mon Feb 4 09:06:28 MST 2019

Dear CEDAR Colleagues,

Please consider presenting your latest research on atmospheric tides at the Joint Symposium on Tides of the Oceans, Atmosphere, Solid Earth, Lakes and Planets, described below.

The abstract submission deadline is February 18, 2019.



Jeff Forbes

JP01 - Tides of the Oceans, Atmosphere, Solid Earth, Lakes and Planets (IAPSO, IAHS, IAMAS, IAG)

Convener: Philip Woodworth (UK, IAPSO)
Co-Conveners: Richard Ray (USA, IAPSO), Andreas Richter (Argentina, IAHS), Jean Paul Boy (France, IAG), Jeffrey Forbes (USA, IAMAS)

The symposium will be open to any aspect of the science or history of the tides of the ocean, solid earth and atmosphere and of lakes and planets. The science will include the present accuracy of coastal, regional and global ocean tide models, tidal dissipation and its role in geophysics, internal tides and their role in mixing the ocean and in the global ocean circulation, secular changes in tides, new techniques for measuring tides and analysing the data, the role of tides in the origin of life on earth and paleotides. It will also be open to presentations on earth and atmospheric tides, the tides of lakes and planets and many other aspects of tidal science. The symposium will provide a fitting mark of the 100th anniversary of the Liverpool Tidal Institute which led to many advances in tidal science in the 20th century.

Invited Speakers
Richard Ray - ocean tides
Brian Arbic - internal tides
Steven Balbus - tides in deep time
Duncan Agnew - earth tides
Jens Oberheide - atmospheric tides
Luciano Iess - tides on planets
Andreas Richter - lake tides

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