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Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to call your attention to the following IUGG Symposium.

JA12 - Innovation in Geoscience Education, Outreach and Citizen Science (IAGA, IAHS, IAPSO, IASPEI)

Convener: Manoj Nair (USA, IAGA)
Co-Conveners: Rick Saltus (USA, IAGA), Edgar Bering  (USA, IAGA), Barbara Leichter (Austria, IAGA), Christophe Cudennec (France, IAHS), Isabelle Ansorge (South Africa, IAPSO), Laura Gallardo (Chile, IAMAS), Raju Sarkar (Bhutan, IASPEI), Paul Danton (UK, IASPEI), John Taber (USA, IASPEI)

This Symposium calls for papers describing innovations in geoscience instruction methods and citizen science initiatives. Papers are welcome describing advances in all levels of instruction, including secondary and higher education. We are particularly interested in papers about inventive approaches to inquiry-based learning in all geosciences. Involving students and the public in designing experiments and collecting data has been shown to foster a scientific identity, to increase overall interest in science, and to improve the perceived value of scientific research. Papers are welcome on all aspects of education and citizen-science including methodology, data-collection, non-traditional areas of curriculum, case studies, etc. In particular we invite contributions that describe ways to broaden the public understanding and appreciation of science and to attract non-traditional and under-represented students into the sciences.

I urge all of you so submit an abstract to this symposium. Please also circulate this announcement as widely as possible. Abstracts are Due Feb 18.
Sincerely yours
Edgar A Bering, III

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