CEDAR email: RISR Radar Accepting Experiment Requests

Roger Varney roger.varney at sri.com
Fri Apr 26 15:37:08 MDT 2019

Dear Geospace Community,
The RISR-N and RISR-C radars have returned to science operations after a
hiatus between October 2018 and April 2019. We are now accepting user
requests for experiment time in May 2019 and beyond. Science operations were
paused after an event in October 2018 that caused damage to some RISR-N
power amplifiers, resulting in a reduction of the peak transmit power.
RISR-C was unaffected. The cause of this event was identified and has now
been mitigated. Example data collected in April 2019 proves that despite the
reduced sensitivity, RISR-N can make scientifically useful measurements of
all the normal ISR observables. We are adjusting number of beam positions
and other aspects of the experiment designs in order to compensate for the
reduced sensitivity, and we recommend experiment requestors discuss revised
experiment designs with the PI. In the current state we can run both RISR-N
and RISR-C at 8% to 9% duty cycle using the large generator or we can run
RISR-N alone at 3% duty cycle using a newly installed small generator. For
comparison, most of the joint RISR-N and RISR-C operations in 2018 used 5%
to 6% duty cycle on both radars. The lower duty cycle runs with the small
generator potentially enable a greater degree of scheduling flexibility than
was previously practical for RISR-N. Users requesting time on both RISR-N
and RISR-C should email both Roger Varney (roger.varney at sri.com) and Robert
Gillies (rgillies at ucalgary.ca).
Roger Varney
Geospace Laboratory
SRI International

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