CEDAR email: JOB OPENING: NASA GSFC Civil Servant Position in Upper Atmospheric Physics

Kuznetsova, Maria M. (GSFC-6740) maria.m.kuznetsova at nasa.gov
Tue Jun 19 14:40:33 MDT 2018

JOB OPENING: NASA GSFC Civil Servant Position in Upper Atmospheric Physics

 From: Judy Karpen (judy.karpen at nasa.gov)

The Space Weather Laboratory (Code 674), NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, is seeking a highly skilled scientist to provide expertise in modeling and numerical simulation of Earth’s ionosphere-mesosphere-thermosphere (ITM), with particular emphasis on implementing/maintaining the Community Coordinated Modeling Center’s physics-based, empirical, and data-assimilation numerical models that simulate the coupled dynamics and energetics of the lower, middle, and upper atmosphere. This position requires extensive interactions with the model developers and science and operational users to update and optimize the CCMC’s versions of the models, and to develop tools for analyzing and interpreting the output; model validation and testing; preparing models for transition to operations (e.g., at NOAA and DoD facilities); providing assistance to the research community with running the models; and collaboration with NASA’s ITM missions (e.g., ICON and GOLD) to serve their space-weather needs and to import, display, and develop analysis techniques for their data streams. An active research program is also expected. Candidates should have ample experience with developing or modifying numerical codes, and with comparing model predictions with observations from NASA missions and ground-based instrumentation. A Ph.D. degree in physics, space physics, computational physics, or related discipline is highly desirable.

 This is a civil servant position with NASA, for which U.S. citizenship is required.  Applications at the GS13 or GS14 level are being accepted through the following USAJOBS web site from 13 June – 11 July 2018.

GS-13/14: http://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/501795500

A guide to the application process can be found at https://applyonline.nasa.gov/applicant_guide.html.  

For additional questions, please contact Judy Karpen (Chief, Space Weather Laboratory) via email at the address given above. NASA GSFC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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