CEDAR email: CEDAR Grand Challenge Session Announcement: Multiscale I-T System Dynamics

Toshi Nishimura toshi16 at bu.edu
Thu Jun 7 07:26:07 MDT 2018

We will start new CEDAR Grand Challenge sessions on Multi-scale I-T System
Dynamics in the upcoming CEDAR workshop. Importance of coupling among
global-meso-small scale processes have been increasingly recognized, but
science understanding and technologies for bridging the different scales do
not exist in our community. Our goal is to achieve community-wide
discussions and collaborations among observers and modelers across regions
and scales to address the challenge of understanding multiscale geospace

We solicit short non-AGU-style presentations that address multiscale I-T
coupling processes. Forcing from the magnetosphere and atmosphere, from
equatorial to polar, by observation and modeling, are all relevant.

Session 1. Discussion on Grand Challenge questions (Mon 13:30-15:30)
Scene-setting talks will introduce recent progresses and major challenges
of multiscale coupling. Then community-wide discussions will be conducted
on science/technical challenges, possible pathways, and collaboration

Session 2. Meso-scale driving (Tue 10:00-12:00)
Short presentations and discussions will focus on current understanding and
challenges on meso-scale processes driven from the magnetosphere and

Session 3. Small-scale driving (Wed 10:00-12:00)
A panel session and presentations will discuss current understanding and
challenges of small-driving from above and below on the I-T system.

Details of the session description can be found at

Aaron Ridley and Toshi Nishimura
On behalf of session conveners
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