CEDAR email: CEDAR Grand Challenge proposal: Deadline THIS FRIDAY

Astrid Maute maute at ucar.edu
Tue Feb 20 09:46:20 MST 2018

*The CEDAR Science Steering Committee (CSSC) is soliciting proposals for
new Grand Challenge (GC) workshops to start at the 2018 CEDAR meeting.*

*DEADLINE February 23*

The GC program was first created in 2014 as a method to get the CEDAR
community to organize around large problems that required coordinated
collaboration over multiple years. The CSSC has decided that starting in
2018 the new GC workshops can be proposed for up to 3 years. GC workshops
will be granted 4-hours of workshop time and one 45 minute plenary tutorial
slot at each CEDAR meeting during their term.
*Proposals for GG workshops starting in 2018 will be *due on February 23 **and
can be submitted here

The CSSC will select at least one GC workshop in 2018 when possible.
Proposers will be notified of their selection before the March 16 deadline
for ordinary CEDAR workshop proposals. Proposers of unsuccessful GC
workshop proposals will be given the opportunity of either transferring the
first year plan of their GC workshop proposal to the pool of ordinary
workshop proposals or of writing a revised proposal for an ordinary CEDAR
GC workshop proposals must include the following information:
· An explanation of why the proposed topic is compelling and likely to
  have an impact on a large segment of the CEDAR research community.
· Information on how the proposed topic aligns with the goals of the
  CEDAR strategic plan. · Well-defined objectives for the GC workshop.
· Justification for why the objectives require coordinated workshops
  over multiple years and a plan for what the GC workshop will
accomplish in each year.
· Proposed topics for plenary tutorial talks for each year.

Current and past GC workshop topics can be found
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