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Kepko, Emil Lawrence (GSFC-6740) larry.kepko at nasa.gov
Wed Feb 14 11:03:27 MST 2018

Small Satellites are becoming increasingly important as a platform to achieve heliophysics science objectives. We invite contributions to the upcoming Triennial Earth-Sun Summit meeting (https://connect.agu.org/tess2018/home) on ideas for SmallSat science missions, instrumentation, capabilities, etc., in order to broaden community knowledge about SmallSat capabilities. The deadline for abstract submissions is Tuesday, 20 February 23:59 ET.

Session description:

Leveraging the New Space revolution for Heliophysics science

SmallSat capability and reliability continue to increase at remarkable speed and, combined with advancements in instrument miniaturization and new avenues of access to space, is ushering in a new era of space exploration. SmallSats enable both small, focused science missions at affordable cost, and also large constellations of spacecraft that previously have been unachievable. Heliophysics is particularly well positioned to take advantage of the SmallSat revolution, since much of the field’s in situ and remote sensing instrumentation have achieved levels of miniaturization and performance that now enables their accommodation on such platforms. This session is devoted to bringing together scientists, instrumentalists, principal investigators, and members of New Space industry, to share SmallSat capabilities, ideas, and opportunities.
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