CEDAR email: Calling for March Sondrestrom Radar Proposals!

Elizabeth Kendall elizabeth.kendall at sri.com
Tue Feb 6 11:16:49 MST 2018

Calling for March Sondrestrom Radar Proposals!


March 2018 is the last month that NSF will be providing funding to support the Sondrestrom facility radar operations. Our team has been running novel experiments identified in the Sondrestrom workshop at last year’s CEDAR meeting. However, given this is the last month for dedicated NSF funding, we would like to open the door to even more creative experimentation. Please contact Elizabeth Kendall (elizabeth.kendall at sri.com) or Asti Bhatt (asti.bhatt at sri.com) with your experiment proposals for March 2018 and we will schedule as many exciting new experiments as funding allows. 


Please note that 35 years of data exist for this facility so if you have a historical or long-term experiment that would benefit from this rich data set, contact Elizabeth or Asti for processing and delivery.




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