CEDAR email: Madrigal TEC data now only available on the CEDAR Madrigal site

Anthea J Coster costera at mit.edu
Fri Aug 3 14:59:26 MDT 2018

GPS total electron content (TEC) data have been moved to http://cedar.openmadrigal.org as of Aug 3, 2018. This site now hosts both the normal TEC data product (data binned into 1 degree latitude by 1 degree longitude by five minutes), and, for recent years, the complete line-of-sight TEC measurements used to create each day's binned data product. Note this line of sight data is only available after the TEC is processed in batch, two months after real time. Note also that this dataset is very large; typically with over 100 million measurements in each daily file (and that number is growing). Line-of-site data is available going back two years, and more is being added each week.  We plan to eventually make line of sight data available all the way back to 1999.

So, the bottom line is that for all users of total electron content (TEC) data from Madrigal, the TEC data are now only available at cedar.openmadrigal.org<http://cedar.openmadrigal.org>.  There is a large notice about this on the Millstone Madrigal homepage. but if users skip that page, it might not be obvious.

The reasons for this are:

  1.  Madrigal 2 simply cannot handle the size of the line of sight TEC - there are more than 2^16 records per time unit.
  2.  We do not have enough hard disks to have 2 copies of this data, so even when we up-convert the Millstone Madrigal to Madrigal 3,  we simply can not host the data on both machines.

Thank you,

Anthea Coster and Bill Rideout

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