CEDAR email: 2017 Space Weather REDI Summer Bootcamp

Zheng, Yihua (GSFC-6740) yihua.zheng at nasa.gov
Tue Mar 7 10:07:30 MST 2017

2017 Space Weather REDI Summer Bootcamp 

This summer (June 6-16), take advantage of a unique free opportunity to explore the burgeoning field of space weather by joining the Space Weather REDI summer Bootcamp. Bootcamp, to be held at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, includes two weeks of space weather tutorials led by the NASA GSFC scientists:

The first week acquaints participants with the applications of space weather. These lectures will provide a basic knowledge of space weather and forecasting, without going into detailed physics. This week is geared at an undergraduate level, but woud also be appropriate for others who are interested in broadening their space weather knowledge - such as graduate students, scientists, engineers, educators, mission operators, and competitive high school students.
To learn more about the first week of the bootcamp see Bootcamp 2016 Tutorials

The second week is split into two tracks and will offer:
Track A: Focused space weather forecaster training (hands-on). Appropriate for those who will be doing space weather forecasting. 
Track B: Research topics discussion + How to use CCMC tools in your research. Appropriate for research undergraduate and graduate students interested in learning more about how to use tools and models at the CCMC in their research. There will be opportunities for students to discuss their research topics and consult CCMC staff scientists and guest NASA GSFC HSD scientists including Dean Pesnell, Nick Arge, Vadim Uritsky, Yi-Hsin Liu, Bob Robinson, Jeff Klenzing and Vladimir Airapetian.
Note: You can attend both or one week of bootcamp, or even selected days, although the latter is discouraged. During week 2 you can attend either Track A or Track B, not both.

If interested, register to attend the Bootcamp:

More details can be found at:

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