CEDAR email: Solicitation for participation in the Space Science Alliance

Astrid Maute maute at ucar.edu
Tue Jun 27 19:55:03 MDT 2017

Solicitation for participation in the Space Science Alliance

A new outreach and advocacy group, the Space Science Alliance, is a
grassroots effort with a mission to spread excitement about Space Physics
to the public as well as to our government officials. The Alliance is
building a web (http://spacesciencealliance.weebly.com/) and social media
presence (Facebook: Space Science Alliance; Twitter: HelioNerds), has
designed congressional leave-behinds, and will help members of the
scientific community engage with their representatives (e.g., letter
writing campaigns, in-person visits, phone calls, etc.) We welcome members
of the scientific community to visit the website as we continue to fill it
with resources.

We also solicit participation on the committee, particularly from members
of the solar and ionosphere fields. Duties include contributing content to
the website, communicating with the committee (via meet-ups at conferences,
telecons, and email), and aiding in legislative engagement. If you are
interested in joining the Space Science Alliance planning committee, or
just learning more about it, please contact Alexa Halford (
alexa.halford at gmail.com ) and Christine Gabrielse (cgabrielse at ucla.edu).
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