CEDAR email: CEDAR 2017: RF and chemical ionospheric modification session

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Mon Jun 19 11:33:47 MDT 2017

Dear CEDAR participant:

We will like to invite you to the RF and chemical ionospheric modification session at CEDAR<http://cedarweb.vsp.ucar.edu/wiki/index.php/2017_Workshop:RF_and_chemical_ionospheric_modification> on Wednesday 21st, from 10:00-12:00 in Torreys I&II.

The session will explore new ways to learn about ionospheric plasma physics using active experiments using HAARP, the Arecibo HF facility and chemical releases.  Status of the facilities and results from the latest campaigns will be presented.

10:00 David Hysell – Aeronomy studies using Ionospheric modification experiments
10:20 William Bristow – HAARP update
10:35 Eliana Nossa – Arecibo - HF facility update
10:50 Gareth Pery – e-POP
11:05 Christopher Fallen – HAARP results + Outreach
11:20 Natasha Jackson – Arecibo results + GPS implications
11:35 Herb Carlson – Arecibo and HAARP experiments
11:50 Louise Gentle – Chemical release experiments: MOSC and White Sands

Thank you,

Eliana Nossa, William Bristow, Paul Bernhardt, Mike Sulzer, Christopher Fallen, Natasha Jackson-Booth

Eliana Nossa, Ph.D.
Research Associate
Space and Atmospheric Sciences
Arecibo Observatory

Advanced Technology & Systems Division
SRI International
HC3 BOX 53995, Arecibo PR 00612
(787) 878 2612 ext 219

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