CEDAR email: Welcome to attend 2017 whole atmosphere variability session

Jing Liu jingliu at ucar.edu
Thu Jun 15 16:52:15 MDT 2017

Dear colleagues
We welcome you to attend the whole atmosphere variability session at 10:00
- 12:00 on Thursday 22 June 2017. This session is organized to promote the
synergy of whole atmosphere modeling and observational efforts in order to
1) validate these new atmosphere models through comprehensive comparative
studies with observations, empirical models, and model-model comparisons.
2) Characterize ionosphere and thermosphere spatial- and temporal
variability of different scales and processes linking them to solar and
lower atmosphere forcing. 3) Explore upper atmosphere signatures of
prominent lower atmosphere processes on various time scales (i.e. SSW, MJO,
QBO, ENSO) and planetary waves and tides interactions.


Erich Becker  IAP/Germany  Energy deposition of upward propagating waves

Quan Gan     Clemson University Short-term variability in the ionosphere
due to the nonlinear interaction between the 6-day wave and migrating tides

Valery Yudin NOAA/SWPC  Whole atmosphere model predictions with specified
meteorology of GEOS-5: Observed and Simulated Tidal Variability

Jian Du University of Louisville  Long- and Short-term Tidal Variability
and their Relative Contributions in the MLT region from eCMAM and SABER

Tzu-Wei Fang NOAA/SWPC  Quantifying the Sources of Ionospheric Day-to-day

Larisa Goncharenko MIT  Sources of ionospheric variability - observational

Chuck Bardeen ACOM/NCAR  New Simulations of the 2003 Halloween Solar Storms

Loren C. Chang NCU On the Relationship between Sporadic-E and ENSO Observed

    Conveners: Jing Liu <jingliu at ucar.edu>, Nick Pedatella, Larisa
Goncharenko, Naomi Maruyama, Fabrizio Sassi

More information can be found:

*Jing Liu*
High Altitude Observatory (HAO)
National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
TEL: 3034971569
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