CEDAR email: Invitation to 2017 CEDAR workshop "New Challenges in High-Latitude Ionosphere-Thermosphere Coupling"

Yanshi Huang huangys at unm.edu
Wed Jun 14 10:19:57 MDT 2017

Invitation to 2017 CEDAR workshop "New Challenges in High-Latitude Ionosphere-Thermosphere Coupling"

Solar wind energy is dissipated in the ionosphere- thermosphere (IT) system through Joule heating and particle precipitation at high latitudes. The ionospheric currents heat the thermosphere through ion-neutral collisions with subsequent ion drag, while the energetic particles heat the thermosphere through ionization, excitation and dissociation of the neutral species. There is increasing evidence that heating of ions and neutrals occurs at very high latitudes besides in the auroral zones for both geomagnetic quiet and active times, which is not well described by models. We solicit presentations of high latitude IT coupling processes responsive to solar wind energy input. We encourage presentations with new results from numerical modeling and data analysis relevant to outstanding unsolved problems. These preliminary studies will help to improve our understanding of the IT coupling at high latitudes and to formulate new challenges in the community.
Time: 13:30 – 15:30 on June 21, 2017 (Wednesday)
Location: Redcloud & Shavano

Manbharat Dhadly (NRL)

Seasonal dependence of geomagnetic active time northern high-   latitude upper thermospheric winds

Bruce Fritz (UNH)

Results from the Rocket Experiment for Neutral Upwelling 2 (RENU 2)

Gareth Perry (University of Calgary)

A comparison of neutral mass density perturbations and DC Poynting flux estimates, sorted by IMF clock angle

Changsup Lee (KOPRI)

Polar thermospheric winds and temperature observed by Fabry-Perot Interferometer at Jang Bogo Station, Antarctica

Cheryl Huang (AFRL)

Neutral density maxima at high latitudes

Ildiko Horvath (The University of Queensland)

Polar ionosphere and dayside cusp enhancements on 25 September 2000

Larry Lyons (UCLA)

Driving of Strong Nightside Reconnection and Geomagnetic Activity by Polar Cap Flows: Application to CME Shocks and Possibly Other Situations

Yanshi Huang (UNM)

Contribution of small-scale variability on the high-latitude energy input estimation

Andrew Gerrard (NJIT)

Status of deep polar cap geospace measurements from the Antarctic

Aaron Ridley (UM)

GITM results of high latitude heating

Bill Lotko (Dartmouth)

Alfvén dynamics in high-latitude I-T heating

More information could be found at CEDAR wiki webpage:

Yanshi Huang, Cheryl Huang, Olga Verkhoglyadova, Andy Gerrard, Geonhwa Jee
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