CEDAR email: CEDAR workshop on mid-low-latitude ionospheric electrodynamics

Astrid Maute maute at ucar.edu
Tue Jun 13 11:32:53 MDT 2017

Dear colleagues,

You are cordially invited to participate in a special session on low-
and middle latitude

ionospheric electrodynamics, which is scheduled at Crestone III&IV 10:00-12:00

on Tuesday,20 June. The session is also a tribute to Art Richmond’s

career and his contributions to the scientific field.

*Session Description:*

The ionospheric electrodynamo couples the lower atmosphere to the
upper atmosphere at middle and low latitudes. In recent years
observations and numerical simulations indicate that the lower
atmospheric forcing can have measurable effects on the
thermosphere-ionosphere system. While most studies focused on the
daytime when the E-region wind dynamo dominates, there are effects in
the F-region e.g., F-region wind dynamo, gravity and plasma pressure
pressure gradient forces, which might have to be considered when
interpreting and understanding satellite data and the TI system.
Observations of night-time ion drift illustrate that the ionosphere
and its electrodynamics is highly variable. Even at dawn and dusk the
low-latitude and equatorial ion drift variations reflect the
complexity of the system with the sudden changes in ionization and the
wind system.

   - Rod Heelis (UTD) - Introduction to ionospheric electrodynamics

   - Tim Fuller-Rowell (CIRES/NOAA)- Electrodynamics - past, present, future

   - Dave Hysell (Cornell) - 3-dimensional electrodynamics

   - Nick Pedatella (NCAR) - Electrodynamics and the TI system

   - Scott England (VT) - Upcoming missions: What can be learned about
the electrodynamics?

   - Naomi Maruyama (CIRES/NOAA) - Storm effects at low latitudes

   - Joe Huba (NRL) Toward a global electrodynamic model of the ionosphere

More information on the session can be found at



Astrid Maute, Tzu-Wei Fang, Fabiano Rodrigues
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