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Dear colleagues,

You are cordially invited to participate in a special session on
high-latitude electrodynamics, which is scheduled at 1:30-3:30PM on Monday,
June19. The session is also a tribute to Art Richmond’s distinguished
career and his contributions to the scientific field. If you would like to
contribute a short presentation, please let one of the co-conveners know as
soon as possible but no later than June 14th.

*Session Description:*

Distributions of high-latitude ionospheric electrodynamic fields such as
plasma convection and auroral precipitation have traditionally been
represented by empirical models constructed by combining observations taken
over a long period of time through sorting and binning according to
different geophysical parameters. Though empirical models provide robust
representations of the average ionospheric behavior, they are often
inadequate to replicate the electrodynamic features pertained to specific
geophysical conditions especially during storms. High-latitude ionospheric
convection and auroral precipitation are two most important forms of energy
input into the thermosphere, which are responsible for producing various
thermospheric disturbances during geomagnetic storms. With the expansion of
ground-based (e.g., SuperDARN, IS radars, ground magnetometer chains,
auroral imagers, and GPS receivers) and satellite (e.g., DMSP, AMPERE,
TIMED, COSMIC) observations, along with the advancement in numerical
modeling and data assimilation techniques, significant progresses have been
made in the understanding of high-latitude ionospheric electrodynamics in
recent years. This session focuses new numerical techniques and data
assimilation methods to reveal new features of the high-latitude
ionosphere. The session solicits papers on modeling and observational
studies as well as data assimilation analysis of high-latitude ionospheric

More information on the session can be found at


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