CEDAR email: Posting of DCL NSF 16-127 announcing recompetition of the AMISR award to SRI, International

John Meriwether john.meriwether at ces.clemson.edu
Thu Sep 1 07:50:17 MDT 2016

NSF has posted a Dear Colleague Letter NSF 16-127 announcing a
recompetition of the NSF AMISR radar award to SRI, International for the
operations and maintenance of the two AMISR radar systems located at Poker
Flat, AK, and at Resolute, CA (PFISR and RISR-N). A recompetition is
required in accord with NSF policy after ten years of AMISR funding. It is
intended that two separate awards would be made, one for each observatory.
Also open is the possible relocation of the PRISR observatory to Gakona,
AK, or to some other location of strong geophysical interest. A link to the
DCL letter is given here:


Comments in response to this DCL are to be submitted to John Meriwether at
NSF before 1 October, 2016.

John Meriwether, Program Director
Geospace Facilities
jmeriwet at nsf.gov
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