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Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to submit abstracts to *Session SA005,
gravity wave sources, propagation, instabilities, and regional and global
effects from the surface into the thermosphere and ionosphere”*, at the
Fall AGU Meeting. *The submission deadline is 3 August 2016.* See below for
a session description and invited speakers; click here for abstract


*Session Description:*

Atmospheric gravity waves (GWs) play central roles in atmospheric dynamics,
structure, and variability extending from the Earth’s surface well into the
thermosphere and ionosphere.  Despite these roles, there are many aspects
of GW dynamics and effects that are poorly understood at present.

This session will include oral and poster presentations addressing all
aspects of GW dynamics and effects, including, but not limited to, the

1)   GW source dynamics, scales, and meteorological and environmental

2)   GW propagation, filtering, wave-mean flow interactions, forcing of the
general circulation and thermal structure, and roles in inter-hemispheric

3)   GW instability dynamics, mixing, and transports of momentum, heat, and

4)   gravity wave interactions with tides and planetary waves in the
stratosphere, mesosphere, and lower thermosphere,

5)   GW propagation, interactions, and effects impacting the thermosphere
and ionosphere, and

6)   recent advances in subgrid-scale GW parameterization schemes.

Primary Convener:              *David C Fritts*, GATS, Inc., Boulder, CO,

Other Conveners:

*Michael J Taylor*, Utah State Univ., Logan, UT, U.S.

*Kaoru Sato*, University of Tokyo, Bunkyo-ku, Japan

*Erdal Yigit*, George Mason Univ., Fairfax, VA, U.S.


   - A - Atmospheric Sciences

Index Terms:
3334 Middle atmosphere dynamics
3369 Thermospheric dynamics
3384 Acoustic-gravity waves
4490 Turbulence

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