CEDAR email: Workshop Registration Reminder

Stan Solomon stans at ucar.edu
Fri Jul 22 11:22:47 MDT 2016

Observation and Analysis Opportunities Collaborating with the ICON and 
GOLD Missions
27-28 September 2016
NCAR High Altitude Observatory, 3080 Center Green Dr., Boulder, Colorado

Please register by 29 July!

Registration is free, but if you wish to present a talk or poster, 
please go to http://www2.hao.ucar.edu/geogoldicon and fill out the 
registration form.

This workshop will present information on the goals and instrumentation 
of upcoming missions studying the ionosphere/thermosphere system, 
including the Ionospheric Connection Explorer (ICON), Global-scale 
Observations of the Limb and Disk (GOLD), and the Constellation 
Observing System for Meteorology, Ionosphere, and Climate (COSMIC-2). 
Contributions presenting complementary ground-based observations, 
modeling, and data synthesis are encouraged.

We anticipate a workshop oriented toward discussion of the scientific 
studies enabled by these measurements, with a targeted session for 
selected topics.  Suggested topics include:  geomagnetic storms; 
instabilities in the low-latitude ionosphere; waves, tides, and lower 
atmosphere effects; space-weather enabling science; climate, chemical 
coupling, and broader impacts.

Please contact a member of the Scientific Organizing Committee if you 
have ideas for the topical scientific sessions, suggestions for 
particular scientific plans or objectives, or opinions on how to 
structure the workshop:
    Stan Solomon (chair): stans "at" ucar.edu
    Seebany Datta-Barua: sdattaba "at" iit.edu
    Phil Erickson: pje "at" haystack.mit.edu
    Jonathan Makela: jmakela "at" illinois.edu

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