CEDAR email: AGU Session SA004: Atmosphere-Ionosphere-Magnetosphere (AIM) Coupling Phenomena and Processes

XINZHAO CHU xinzhao.chu at colorado.edu
Thu Jul 14 14:57:42 MDT 2016

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to submit abstracts to Session SA004 at the Fall AGU Meeting. The submission deadline is 3 August 2016. Click here for abstract submission.

SA004: Atmosphere-Ionosphere-Magnetosphere (AIM) Coupling Phenomena and Processes: New Observations and Understanding

Session Description: Deployment of multiple instruments worldwide in recent years, such as lidars, imagers and FPIs for the neutral atmosphere, radars, ionosondes and GPS for the ionosphere, and magnetometer chains and satellites for the magnetosphere, have led to unprecedented observations of the neutral atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere (AIM) with clusters and coordinated efforts. For example, lidars, FPIs and imagers have recently observed neutral metal layers, temperature inversions, large vertical winds, and persistent waves at thermospheric altitudes. These phenomena are potentially driven by metal ion transport and Joule heating due to magnetosphere-ionosphere (MI) coupling, along with terrestrial waves from below; radars, magnetometers, and satellites can monitor these MI phenomena. This provides unique opportunities to connect plasma-neutral coupling research with MI coupling studies, thus enabling this AIM coupling session co-organized by SPA-Aeronomy and SPA-Magnetospheric Physics. We invite presentations using multi-instrument observations and models spanning the AIM system to gain new perspectives on coupling processes.

Co-Organized with: SPA-Aeronomy and SPA-Magnetospheric Physics
Cross-Listed: A - Atmospheric Sciences and SM - SPA-Magnetospheric Physics

Xinzhao Chu (CU-Boulder)
Michael Hartinger (VT)
Zhonghua Xu (VT)
Timothy J Fuller-Rowell (NOAA)

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