CEDAR email: AGU Session: Ionospheric Modification by Lightning, Space Weather and Active Experiments

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Dear Colleagues,

Please consider submitting a paper for the below session at the 2016 AGU Fall Meeting, 12-16 December 2016. We welcome any papers on the below topics. The session will have both oral and poster talks, and for the first time at AGU, we are proposing that poster presenters be given a chance to give very brief (3-minute) overviews in the oral session.

Abstracts can be submitted here: https://fallmeeting.agu.org/2016/abstract-submissions/
The submission deadline is August 4. Please contact the conveners if you have any questions.

AE003: Ionospheric Modification by Lightning, Space Weather, and Active Experiments
The ionosphere is modified from its ambient conditions by a host of geophysical phenomenon, including the EMP from lightning strokes, quasi-static fields from lightning, thunderstorm-driven gravity waves, solar and space weather disturbances, meteor trails, earthquakes, and more. Many techniques exist to observe these perturbations, including optics, VLF remote sensing, GPS TEC, and HF sounding. Active and controlled experiments to modify the ionosphere have for decades been a promising complement to observations of natural ionospheric modification, turning the ionosphere into an expansive laboratory. Primary techniques include high power radio waves from HF arrays or other ground sources and high altitude particle releases. Physical phenomena stimulated include electron heating, density irregularities, plasma turbulence, optical emissions, ELF/VLF wave generation, and magnetospheric coupling. We solicit papers presenting observations, modeling, and/or experiments related to ionospheric modification. Papers may focus on natural or active ionospheric modification, or on comparisons of the underlying physics that drive both.

Conveners: Morris Cohen (Georgia Tech), Bill Bristow (University of Alaska Fairbanks), and Robb Moore (University of Florida)

Best regards,

-Morris Cohen, Bill Bristow, and Robb Moore

Morris B. Cohen, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
Website: http://ece.gatech.edu/research/labs/lf/
Twitter: @morrisbcohen<https://twitter.com/morrisbcohen>

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