CEDAR email: AGU Session SA018: Solar and heliospheric forcings and their effects on climate

Lynn Harvey harvey at lasp.colorado.edu
Mon Jul 11 12:30:33 MDT 2016

Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to submit an abstract to the AGU fall meeting session 
SA018 "Solar and heliospheric forcings and their effects on climate"

We have two invited presenters:

Cora Randall will give a presentation about electron precipitation 
effects on the atmosphere.
Lesley Gray will speak about solar irradiance effects on climate.

Session Title: Solar and heliospheric forcings and their effects on climate

Session Description:
Understanding the effects of solar and heliospheric variability on 
climate is a fundamental step towards quantifying climate sensitivity to 
external forcings. Pathways through which solar and heliospheric 
forcings affect climate remain poorly established despite the efforts of 
the scientific community. Moreover, the relatively short satellite 
record hinders a clean separation of observed signals from internal 
climate variability. In this context, improved understanding of the 
whole atmospheric response to solar and heliospheric forcings through 
physical modelling and observational analysis are needed. This session 
will bring together recent advances in estimating the atmospheric 
response to short and long-term variability in solar and heliospheric 
forcings. Special emphasis will be placed on energetic particle 
precipitation and solar spectral irradiance variations over the 11-year 
solar cycle, and their influence on the thermal, dynamical, and chemical 
structure of the whole atmosphere. Abstracts covering any portion of the 
atmosphere or ocean responses to solar variability are welcome.

The session is cross-listed among atmospheric sciences, global 
environmental change, solar and heliospheric physics, and magnetospheric 
physics. The session ID is 13634.

The submission deadline is 3 August. Click here to submit an abstract to 
this session: 

Gabriel Chiodo
Ethan Peck
Lynn Harvey

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